One of the main target of DIESSE is to deliver customized solutions in order to meet any requirement, diversifying the standard products according to the demand of a worldwide market which is always moving and which has a very detailed and specialized demand required by the end customer. Anyone who relies on our competence represents for us an opportunity and at the same time a challenge from one side to meet the demand and from the other side to design new solutions.


The philosophy which has always been the main feature of DIESSE is the innovation of product. We have always focused our activities towards a continuous research of high performance products and materials which characterize our range.


The exceptional quality of our product together with the customer service are the key features which distinguish our company in the market. DIESSE invests a lot in R&D both for what concerns the production process and the product because the market always requires more performing hoses that we get working also on the development of efficiency and quality control.